Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ahh.. Christmas has come and gone and I survived!!

I made it through our first Christmas away from all of our family. It was nice in some ways. Not having to run here there and everywhere really was nice. It was hard to be away from some of the traditions that we have been used to, but we were able to start some new ones of our own.

The kids were spoiled as usual, though I really tried to scale it back this year. With my mom and grandma, they still ended up with a lot. Max's favorite toy has been a ride on spring horse. The older 2 got the gameboy advance systems (great for the long rides back and forth to CA) and Dane got a play-pen (that was more a gift for me, but hey, it will really be useful!)


Emilie Ahern said...

Love the new look of the BLOG!

Gald you had a great Christmas. Yes, playpens ARE the best!

Ours was a crib, then a play area, and now...Time Out!

So versatile for Mommy's!

Kelly said...

This was my second Christmas away from the bulk of my family. Although I am lucky enough to have my sis and her family nearby. I know what you mean about not running from here to there. I missed my family but did enjoy just being able to focus on the kids and being peaceful on Christmas day.
-kellythemommy @ cx