Saturday, September 08, 2007

Colds are crummy

I hate having a cold. When I get a cold I am just miserable. Well...lucky me, I got one! And since I am pregnant, I can't take anything for it! UGH! Since I have had this cold, I didn't do much today. I had Jared take the older 2 kids to their soccer games and I stayed home with the younger 2. It was a nice break, because Dane slept almost the whole time, and Max was happy just to watch a cartoon on TV (thank goodness for TV when Mom is sick!)

One thing we did do was go to Sam's club and load of on diapers and other stuff. On the way there I saw the funniest thing. Saturdays you will see lots of Car Washes raising money for some group or other. Usually they will benefit schools, church groups, scouts, etc. Well, today I saw one that took the cake..or at least was hoping to finance it! We are turning the corner to Sam's Club and I see a sign that reads something like this (ok, so I can't remember the exact name or the exact wording, but you'll get the idea):

Help Kate
Pay for her Wedding

I totally wished that I had my camera! What a riot! Seriously, these days, a wedding is so ridiculously expensive I can totally understand what brought this about.. I mean seriously... a car wash to help pay for your wedding. How funny is that?

Update on the Creative Express DT call: Calls went out, and as I figured, one did not come to me. It looks like they will again have an excellent team full of talented scrappers for this upcoming year. Congrats to those of you who made it!

Belly shots are yet to be taken.. I know..I promised, but hey who wants their picture taken with a red nose and puffy eyes. Pictures last forever, and do I really want to post that on the Internet to scare my numerous readers?( the numerous readers is an exaggeration..but hey, this is my blog and I can take creative license here! =) ) So, when this cold has run its course and I no longer look like a zombie, I promise that I will have hubby take some belly shots!


Lainey said...

You poor thing! I've always wondered how pregnant women handle colds - b/c I am absolutely useless unless I've been fully doped up with a good dose of nyQuil. I hope you feel better soon!

melissa said...

Ugh! Colds really do stink, ESPECIALLY when you're prego. You poor thing. We went through all that a couple weeks ago in my home. Can't take anything for it when you're nursing either. And that wedding car wash! That's hilarious! Thanks for the laugh. Hope you get better quick.

Stacy's Lame Blog said...

I'll keep the car wash in mind...