Saturday, January 05, 2008

WARNING! and LOAD day 4 and 5

WARNING-Baby wipes, when left in freezing temperatures in vehicle will freeze into a freezing cold brick in your diaper bag!! I made this discovery while at a Drs appointment with Lucas. I was changing his diaper after the Dr examined him (having noticed it was a little stinky). I reached into my diaper bag (which has been in the van for a few days, as I had forgotten to bring it in one day earlier in the week) and grabbed the wipes package, which felt very cold. When trying to open the resealable top I squeezed the package a bit and discovered that it would NOT squeeze; I had a brick of wipes! So, I used a wet paper towel. Don't plan on using wipes that have left in a freezing car for several days..=]

I am a little late in posting LOAD day 4, I got it posted over at Big Picture Scrapbooking yesterday, but not on the blog. SO here it is. I made it super quick as I had to take Lucas into the Drs (hence the funny story above) because he has a bad cold and I was worried about him.

Here is LOAD day 5:

I have now made one layout for each kid's album, yeah!!


Amy said...

Awesome layouts! I too, have experienced the "brick of wipes". It's the worst when you really need them!!

Emilie Ahern said...

That Sweet Dreams layout is adorable. It almost made me tear up.

The Fry's said...

I love them both, but that sweet dreams layout is so sweet. I have a question though, where did you get the (for a lack of a better word) 'squiggly' arrow?

I soooooo need to do some major scrapbooking.

Suzanne said...

I absolutely love everything about this Chris! LOVE the arrow and the simplicity is just devine!