Saturday, February 28, 2009

Not much going on this week

Not much to report from this past week. Lots of running around and normal everyday errands, but not much in the way of excitement. 

On a positive note, I didn't forget to get the kids to any of their activities this week =) (This has been a problem for me lately. It seems that my kids have all sorts of new activities, and I like to forget about them). 

Everyone is finally completely healthy again, which is really nice after a couple weeks of sickness. Now I no longer have an excuse for not getting out the door and running. So tomorrow I am determined to start fresh and get into training mode. Jared and I have signed up with 10 other people from church to run in the Wasatch Back, which is a relay that goes from Logan to Park City. We are both very excited and nervous about this adventure! 

On the scrapbooking front, I was able to complete several layouts tonight, most of which were for challenges being hosted over at Scrap Attack Scrapbooking. I plan to take photos tomorrow and share right here on the blog (as well as the great, inspiring gallery over at SAS).

Another exciting development: I finally, after 3 years, bought a co-ordinating bedding set for our bed! Yep, we have been using non-matching, unexciting bedding for three years! When we moved into our current home, we finally had a bedroom big enough for a King sized bed, so we splurged and bought one (well the mattress, box spring, and basic bed frame, we still don't have a fancy bed)! But, since we hadn't determined a color scheme for our bedroom, we held off on buying much in the way of bedding, besides a basic sheet set and basic, solid colored comforter. Fast forward to this week: I am roaming the aisles at Wal Mart and on an end cap I see a bedding set that includes sheets, pillow cases, shams, a bed skirt, 4 decorative pillows and the comforter, all for 89.95 (well actually is it supposed to be 99.95, but they had it under a sign for 89.95 so they gave me that price). The bargain hunter in me realizes that this is an excellent deal.  Heck, sheets will run you around $50 most of the time for a King sized bed. As the colors were some of my favorite (brown and tealish blue) and it wasn't a floral pattern (Jared's girly bedding for him!); the price was excellent; and I have been itching to buy new bedding...I took the plunge! 


~Stappsters~ said...

I love new bedding! you ought to take a picture.

Stephanie said...

Congrats on signing up for that relay! What an adventure! How long is the race? I took a peek at the website and noticed it was an overnight race with 12-person teams...