Thursday, June 11, 2009

Should I apologize again....

So, I haven't posted in ages. The longer I went before posting the more exciting I felt my next post should I kept waiting for something huge to happen! Well, nothing huge has happened lately (well my parents have arrived safely here in Utah and are anxiously awaiting the day they can move into their new home) so I kept waiting. Yesterday I took my children to play with some of their friends and when I was picking them up my friend commented that I hadn't updated my blog in here I am with an unexciting update =)

The kids are now out of school, and I am loving it. NO more homework; NO more nagging them to get up and get ready for school; NO more braving the madness of drop off and pick up times at the school. Aaaah...summer time. The kids spend hours outside playing with the neighbors. This leaves me much more time for the things I need to get done. I am sure that by the end of the summer I will be anxious for them to return to school, but for now I am going to enjoy the freedom that comes with summertime.

Both Max and Liam have played baseball this year. Both are really enjoying this season. Liam has moved up to machine pitch and is on the Padres. Max started this year and is in T-ball on the Reds. Watching Max play is always entertaining...he seems to enjoy the downtime as much as the action. When he is not required to catch the ball or hit he is usually seen rolling around in the grass or goofing off in some other manner. Having said that, he has really improved and usually hits the ball off of a pitch as opposed to needing the Tee. Liam has done very well this year also and continues to amaze me with his athletic skills.

Before school ended, the children's school hosted their first annual 5K/Mile fun run. Joelle ran the mile and Liam, Jared and I ran the 5K race. I was so proud of both of the kids for how well they ran their races! I was not able to watch Joelle in the mile as it started just before the 5K, but my sister came to watch the younger kids and was able to watch Joelle during her race. Joelle took 2nd place in the 3rd/4th grade Girls division (and this is the girl who kept saying over and over again that she could NOT do it). Liam took 1st place in the 1st 2nd grade boys 5K. He ran it in just over 30 minutes! It was a hot evening and I am so proud of how well both of them ran. Neither race was easy in the heat, but they stuck with it and did so well. Here are some photos from race day:

Upcoming events include:
-Helping my parents move into their new home this weekend
-Jared and I falling over in the Wasatch Back next weekend =)
-Attempting to potty train Dane so he can go to Kiddie Kollege in the fall
-Watching Joelle in her first dance recital (her costume is sooo cute)
-Heading out to California for two family reunions
-Two of my friends will be coming to visit in July
-Getting back to scrapbooking. I haven't scrapbooked in over a month and I am truly missing the creative outlet it gives me. I am hoping to get going on that again soon (and don't worry, I will share when I create anything).
-Be a better blogger =)


Lauri {Scrap Attack} said...

Been thinking of you Christine, hope the rest of the summer goes well (and of course you get a little scrappy time!) :) That's exciting your parent will be closer, I'm very happy for all of you.

Fink said...

I have been looking for an update. I am glad it is summer for the same reasons! Except it seems it is gonna be busy!

Stephanie said...

How wonderful that you ran in that race as a family. I hope to do that as our girls get older. :)