Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why, Oh Why, Oh Why...

...do I do this to myself?

What I really wanted was a Sonic Cranberry Limeade, but our local Sonic closed down a couple months ago. There is a Sonic in a neighboring town, but I needed to pick up a few things at Wally World (or as they like to say here in Utah, THE Wal Mart) and there is a Carls Jr in the same parking lot. I decided to hit Carls Jr instead.

Back in October I recieved a card that is good for a free Six Dollar Burger once a week for an entire year, so trips to Carls Jr are fairly frequent for us. You can't beat a giant, free burger. And to top it off they have some of the best fries around right now. Yummy. So, since I am running out, and I want a giant soda...I drive through Carls Jr and pick up one of these for Hubby:

Some of these to share:

And a LARGE one of these for me:

And here in lies the problem...I got that giant Dr Pepper at about 10PM last night...The caffiene kicked in and I was unable to fall asleep until around 3AM...It was completely my fault, but I just LOVE a good Dr Pepper...I can't seem to resist those 23 flavors....they just call my name, all hours of the day, and I often heed that siren call. And pay the price...my kids just don't understand that I was up all night because I drank a large Dr Pepper...they are up and at em and ready to go!

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Pink Lemonade Liz said...

I do love Dr. Pepper too! When I was a little kid my Dad drove a Dr. Pepper Truck (the kind that delivered the soda to the grocery stores) - we ALWAYS had Dr. Pepper in the house... I blame him for my love of the Dr. - LOL!!