Friday, September 18, 2009

A simple reminder

I know, I haven't been around lately, (and I have photos of back to school that I want to share, but some are still sitting on the camera, so those will have to be saved for a later date). But I wanted to share something that touched me last night.

Every night I go into #3 and #4's bedroom (look at header for reference :)) and the others join us for nightly prayers. #3 was saying his prayer (up to a month ago he needed assistance for almost the entire prayer, asking.."what's next" or "what else do I say" after each phrase) and unassisted his simple prayer touched me and reminded me what is most important. Along with a few other simple requests and items of gratitude he said, "Thank You for Jesus, and thank You that we can live." Aren't these truly some of the most basic elements of our gratitude to our Heavenly Father? Shouldn't we remember to thank him for His Son, who was sent as a Savior for us all? Without Christ, I can't imagine what life would be like. Without my knowledge of my Savior, who would I be? And for the gift of life that we all have received, should we not also express our gratitude?

I know that some of you may not share the same religious background as my family and I, so I hope that I have not offended you by sharing my feelings, but as this blog is a way for me to express my thoughts and feelings, I will occasionally share insights into my religion. If you want more information about the LDS faith, you can go to where many common questions are answered.


aussiescrapper said...

I think it is lovely that your children are growing up with great faith, they will never feel alone and be thankful for the little things, just being alive and healthy being just 2.

Anonymous said...

I Love you #3!
Auntie Rachelle

Andrea Amu said...

You can be proud of yourself, Christine! You are raising very kind, understanding and lovable children! What blessings!