Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Big World Network

Many of the books we know as classics today were written as a weekly series, published in a newspaper. Readers would anxiously await the weekly installment of their favorite story. is bringing back the serial story, but bringing it to a modern world. You will be able to read stories in small, weekly installments (approximately 4-7 pages each) either online, downloaded, or via audio file. Each story has a day on which it is released each week, so just like your favorite TV series, you will know when to expect the next installment of your favorite story.

One of my FAVORITE aspects of is the rating system. For years I have said that books really needed a rating system like movies, TV and video games. I have been so frustrated in the past when I have started a book that came very highly recommended only to find that it was filled with content that made me uncomfortable. If only it contained a rating, I could have made a more informed decision on whether to read the book. Each of the series on have a clearly labeled rating! FINALLY, now if only this idea will catch on to the rest of the publishing world I would be thrilled.

I got a sneak peek at the website earlier this week before it went live this morning, and I read the first episode of Taking Out the Trash by Tristi Pinkston. I am already hooked; it is a cozy mystery (the genre that I have recently come to love) and starts out with a fun twist. I highly recommend checking it out, episode one is already available to read, then come back weekly on Tuesdays for future episodes!

I am very excited to explore the other series' available from Big World Network and I hope that you will take a look! Oh by the way, did I say that these stories are available FREE? Yep, FREE!

I received no compensation for this post. I did get a preview of the site before it launched but no financial or material compensation for sharing my honest thoughts about the site.


Celeste Estes said...

Well said! I like Tristi Pinkston too.

Celeste Estes said...

I quoted from your post on LinkedIn. I hope that's okay?