Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Whew, Do You Ever Feel that You Need a Vacation to Recover from Your Vacation?

We recently returned from a fabulous vacation to Disneyland with my parents and my sister (with her family.). We had such a wonderful time. The lines were short, the weather gorgeous, the company great, and we stayed in a fabulous hotel.  The only problem was exhaustion. Seriously, my legs and feet were screaming by the end of the day (and we stayed until the last moment possible every night).

The kids were all at great ages to take to Disneyland. Lucas was just tall enough that he could ride all but the scariest of rides (and a few of the rides he insisted on riding freaked him out a bit, but he was determined to ride them all). Dane was even tall enough for Indiana Jones, and surprisingly, really enjoyed it. The older three enjoyed California Screaming (we rode it several times, since the wait time was never more than 15 minutes). Jared, Liam, Max and I LOVED Hollywood Tower of Terror (Joelle rode it, but wasn't a big fan). I think the family favorite ride had to be Toy Story Midway Mania, where we all donned 3-D glasses and enjoyed a Midway game experience. Nobody could beat Jared's high score, but we all sure gave it a good try.

The last several days have been filled with recovery from our vacation. I came home exhausted and needing to do laundry.

Here are a few photos from our trip for you to enjoy:

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