Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Old Navy Bundle-Up Bash

Thanks to Crowdtap and Old Navy, I was able to invite three friends to join me for a Bundle-Up Bash at our local Old Navy store. To say we had fun, would be an understatement! We thought we would be there for about an hour trying on clothes and then going home with a brand new outfit...well the trying on clothes and going home with a new outfit was true but the hour wasn't! We were there for two and a half hours, try on clothes, laughing and generally having fun! Here are some photos from our in-store adventure:
Me modeling my first look

Lisa rocking the yellow stripes

Having Fun with the Super Modelquins
Posing with scarves and hats in the background

Fabulous, helpful employees!
Deciding which hat looks best

2.5 hours later leaving with our goodies!

Happy to be going home with a brand new outfit from Old Navy
A couple of my friends admitted that, while they often shopped at Old Navy for their children, they hadn't thought to purchase their own clothes there. They were surprised at the cute styles and great prices available at Old Navy. There were so many diffrerent styles of pants, sweaters and more. Everyone found several items that they would have loved to take home with them! Ironically, while we all loved several styles of jeans, three of the four of us ended up purchasing the darling trouser jeans!

All four of us left with a pair of pants, a sweater and an accessory (scarf, hat or gloves). I chose the following items:

and a scarf that doesn't seem to be on their website. I absolutely love each of these items. I wore the whole outfit to a holiday party last night and it was the perfect dressed-up casual look! The green in the sweater is even more gorgeous in person!

It was so much fun to laugh together and enjoy trying on clothes. We all said that it reminded us of when we were young and would go out with friends and shop together. We decided that we definitely needed to arrange another shopping day.

Disclosure: My friends and I each received a free pair of pants, sweater and accessory in exchange for having and in store party and my submitting photos and a report back to Crowdtap. I also receive a small amount of monetary compensation for my time filling out the report.


Cat Davis said...

I ADORE Old Navy. Almost all of my clothes are from there. That yellow striped sweater is so pretty on you!

Rachael Renee Anderson said...

Way cute outfit--and fun pictures too. I definitely need to drop by Old Navy in the near future.