Saturday, January 21, 2012

Time Gangsters Blog Tour

Welcome to the last stop in the Time Gangsters Blog Tour!

Time Gangsters
by Berin L Stephens
Paperback, 296 pages
Expected Publication- February 8, 2012
by Cedar Fort, Inc
Source: Publisher
Rating: 3.5 stars

When Billy discovers a hidden cache of ancient coins, it isn't long before a gang of thugs swipes them right from under Billy. Plotting to use the magical properties of the coins to seize power in the past, these power-hungry gangsters will do anything to reach their goal. Their future threatened, Billy and Danny must race through time to steal back the coins---before history is changed forever!

This time traveling adventure takes a pair of cousins (Billy and Danny-who's name is actually Danielle) and Billy's friend Wheezy (a nick-name given to him because of his constant Asthma related wheezing) on an adventure between modern day Colorado and 1927 New York. Egyptian medallions that give the bearer magical powers are being sought by a prohibition era mobster for his bid to take over the country.

While the story is cute, with fun characters that the intended audience (middle grade readers) will enjoy, I struggle a bit with time travel based books. There are so many issues that arise when you are dealing with time travel, and my much too logical brain struggles with the loose ends that are usually left at the conclusion of a time travel story.

Having said that, the story has a good pace, and is well written. I enjoyed the almost brother/sister relationship between cousins Billy and Danny. All in all this is a cute book that I would recommend to others!

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(I received a free e-copy of this book in order to participate in this blog tour)

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Berin Stephens said...

Thanks for reading and blogging. Yeah, I learned from writing this book that time travel can be a major headache. But I had fun writing it.