Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Darling Spring Dresses from Old Navy and Crowdtap

Thanks to Crowdtap and Old Navy,  my friend Lisa and I were able to sample the dresses available at our local store. We weren't sure what we would find, as neither of us were very familiar with the dresses available in seasons past. We had hoped to find some of the knit Maxi dresses we had found online during a pre-shopping online search, but unfortunately our local store did not have them in-stock. We did, however, find several fun dresses to try on. I almost selected this dress, as I love the blue and the fun ruffled neckline:
But after trying several dresses, I tried this one on:
When I grabbed it off the rack, I wasn't quite sure I would like it. I am usually more of a blue girl than pink, but it looked fun and summery, so I went for it. After trying it on, I was sold. It is darling and has a nice fit.

Lisa purchased this pretty dress:
 I think it was the first dress she tried on and it really looks beautiful on her (you will see in a minute  :) ).

Being concerned about modesty and the lack of sleeves on this (and most of the dresses we tried on), Lisa and I purchased these darling cropped, short sleeved sweaters to provide a little more coverage:

At only $15, these made the perfect additions to our dresses and will get much use in the future with other dresses!

Here we are in our dresses:
We both wore our dresses to church on Sunday and got so many compliments on them! I was even stopped by someone I didn't know to ask if I had purchased my dress at Old Navy. She had seen the dress on the rack, but was unsure about it. Now after seeing it, she wants to try it on! So fun.

Thanks Old Navy and Crowdtap for the opportunity to try these fun dresses.

Lisa and I both received a free dress as part of a Crowdtap Sample and Share program. Blogging about my experience was not a requirement of the Sample and Share program, but I wanted to share :)

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Ronalee said...

Those dresses are really cute. I am ready to go shopping for a couple of nice srping type dresses like that to wear around the house.

I also belong to crowdtap, but they have been very stubborn lately and not giving me any goodies.
If you do twitter, you might want to look into Klout.com, if you haven't already. They give out great "perks".

your friend from Dailymile