Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Confession

There is no doubt that I enjoy reading...That is pretty obvious, considering the fact that almost all of my posts lately have been book reviews. But there is more, I think it is a sickness. I can't seem to read just one book at a time. I am usually in the middle of two, sometimes three different books. I can usually logically explain why, but it really does seem crazy at times.

Sometimes I read more than one because one of the books I am reading is a bit slower going, yet still enjoyable. Sometimes I just have to read something that I can breeze through in a half a day. I want to be sucked in and just escape for a few hours into someone else's story. So I will read a nice, quick book, and then go back to the other book that I have started.

Other times I am simply reading several at a time because I have one book downstairs and another on my night stand, and yet another that I am reading on our iPad (since I can read ebooks with the lights off and not disturb others who are trying to sleep...namely my husband).

So, right now I have started and I am actively reading two books, and I picked up a few others at the library that seem to be calling for me to dive between their pages. So, likely, in the morning,  I will be reading another one or two..Sure, it is a crazy way to read, but it works for me.

So tell me, am I alone? Am I the only one who has more than one books going at once?


Janice said...

I usually am reading at least 2 books at a time, but often more. There are books with book marks in them, all over my house and I grab them when I can.

Tricia said...

I read a few books at a time, usually ones that are completely different than each other

Casey colette said...

Dropping by from the Blogs Doc of the Coppertone Moms group! I am also a member! What a cute blog and button! Visit me if you have time. Xo!~ Casey C i dont see links to your social networks on your sidebar- so i followed via gfc instead, id appreciate if you retrned the favor!~ XO!~ :)

Lexie@BookBug said...

I usually read at least 3 books at a time just to keep it interesting and fit all of my different moods!