Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Just a little funny from Liam

I just had to post this. I asked Liam (who is 4) to bring a diaper for Dane to me upstairs. First he tries to throw it up to me, which of course it being very light, it didn't make it. I tell him that he needs to bring it to me. When he is almost up the steps (1-2 to go) he throws the diaper again, this time it lands at the top of the steps... he says, "I'll get it" so he grabs it and throws it one more time...and it goes over the side of the stairs, all the way down to the main floor. He then looks at me and says,"I really need to stop throwing things." AMen to that! If only he would really remember that next time!


Kelly said...

that's so cute!

scrappy-emmy said...

HILARIOUS! How great that he came to that conclusion himself. What a cutee!