Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Have I ever mentioned how much I hate cars??? With a month and a half until Christmas, our Van's transmission went out. Now it needs a brand new transmission. Can we say, horrible timing? I swear, cars are so annoying. The minute you buy one, it decreases in value. It continues to decrease in value every minute you have it. You have to constantly put money into it to keep it going, and it always seem to break down at the most inopportune times. Oh, well, such is life.

We just got back from Disney Land with my family. It was fun, with some moments of craziness, but all in all an enjoyable time. The kids loved it. We actually stayed in a condo in Oceanside, right next to the beach. We went to one day of Sea World, 3 days of Disney Land and one day of the San Diego Zoo. We were very busy and I was exhausted and sore by the time I got back to the condo every night. It definitely made me realize that I need to loose some weight; the extra weight really killed my joints when I was walking around the parks.

Dane has been having some weight gain issues. I never actually realized that there was a zero percentile in the growth charts (I always assumed that you had to be atleast 1), but a week and a half ago I discovered that there was one and that my youngest son was there! He seemed healthy, but just was not gaining weight. Well a week with formula suplementation and he has already gained a pound ( he had only gained a pound in the 2 months between month 2 and 4); this made it fairly clear he was not getting nearly enough from me, so now we are supplementing him with formula on a regular basis. I am continuing to breast feed, mostly so he gets the antibody benefits and the comfort; he will get most of his calories from the formula. A bit expensive now, but whatever it takes for him to be a healthy little guy.

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scrappy-emmy said...

Cars DO break down at the worst times!

Glad to hear you found a way to supplement Dane. He'll be a little chubster before you know it!