Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mostly healthy now

Well, the stomach flu has again gone on to better places, thank goodness. Aside from a few colds floating around, we are much healthier at our house.

I have been assembling booklets of vouchers with a neighbor for thier publishing business and man am I wiped out. All of the booklets have now been assembled, but each voucher must now be stamped with an individual number, and the booklets must be boxed in numerical order. This, although not diffucult, is very time consuming when we have only one stamp and it is a manual one (luckily it does automatically advance to the next number, so we dont have to move the numbers ahead manually). Tonight after the kids go to bed I will hit the exercise bike (as I have yet to get one worout in this week and for a Fluff Busters group I am a part of I need to get 3 in for a totaly of 90 minutes before the end of the day Saturday), and then a nice hot bath.

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Todd and Amy said...

You're busy busy!! Good for you for working out though... Can you send some of your motivation my way :)