Saturday, February 24, 2007

Can our family get well sometime soon?

So another round of the stomach flu that is going around the great state of UT has hit our home. It started with our son on Thursday night, then is spread to my husband Friday afternoon. As luck would have it, my daughter, who had a birthday party to attend, woke up with it this morning. So far the other 2 kids and I have avoided it, but we shall see what tomorrow will bring.

I am really starting to get cabin fever. With sick kids you don't really go anywhere. I am definitely ready to get out of the house! Well, hopefully this round will be over soon, and we will avoid another round for a while. I think we have seen our share of it this year.


Lainey said...

Blech, stomach flu stinks. I hope you guys are getting better soon!

Kelly said...

oh no! hope things are getting better (((hugs)))

Todd and Amy said...

Eeek! Sorry about all the sickness!!! Home you get feeling better really soon!