Sunday, July 22, 2007

Not much to report

Not much going on around here lately. Just plugging along. Baby is growing and so am I! I feel so big for 21 weeks! I will have to get Jared to take some belly shots, so I can show you all. He is really getting active (or I am just able to feel it more than before!) It is kinda fun, but with all that growing comes discomfort for me...Oh well, all par for the course with pregnancy, right? We are starting to lean towards one name, but not 100% certain. I will post when we decide.

With year round school this year, Joelle starts 2nd grade tomorrow. Liam has his kindergarten orientation tomorrow and then he will have testing one day towards the end of the week (they get Tuesday off for Pioneer day, a nice perk of living in UT!). His first real day will be next monday!

I am really excited for this next coming weekend..I have a crop down at Archivers in Orem with some scrappy friends of mine. I can't wait to have a day for me..I think that all moms need to have "Me Days". You get to where you focus is on your family so much that you don't get to unwind, unless you take the time. I hope to get quite a bit done, as well as enjoy the fun at Archivers, a store I have only been to once!

Well, this has been quite the boring post, but I felt bad that I have been slacking!

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The Fry's said...

Hope you have fun scrapping! Can't wait to hear on the name... AND get some belly pics posted!