Monday, April 07, 2008

General Conference and Family Home Evening

Its been a while since a true family update so here we go:

We were lucky to have our Brother in Law, Curtis, and two nephews join us this past weekend. They came in order to attend General Conference. Although thier visit was short, we really enjoyed having them. They were great guests, putting up with our kids, who had a great time playing with the boys. Curtis was able to obtain and extra ticke to the Priesthood session for Jared, and an additional two tickets to the Sunday morning session for Jared and Joelle to attend. It was so neat for Joelle to be able to go. Since she had recently turned 8 years old, this was the first conference where she was old enough to attend. Here are some photos Jared took after the conference was over:

We had a fun family night tonight. As a memeber of the Enrichment committee at church, I was responsible for placing flyers on the doors of the sisters of our ward. We all piled into the car and Joelle and Liam ran to the doors and placed the flyers. They had a great time running to and from the car. After all of the flyers were delivered, we made a trip to the local Baskin Robbins for a rare treat! The kids loved thier icecream, especially Max, who appears to be saving some for later.


Lynell said...

How wonderful that they were able to attend conference. Joelle looks so cute in the pictures!

I must say your family night was a success. I would have completly forgotten about enrichment. Thanks for the reminder.

Stampin' Meg said...

Tell Max- that I think chocolate makes a very fashionable outfit to wear!
He's quite the charming lil trendsetter.

Jen Gallacher said...

What beautiful photos of the temple. :)

Kristy said...

Kris, these are great pictures!!! Sounds like it was a wonderful opportunity for Joelle.