Thursday, May 08, 2008

Drs Appt update

Well, Lucas hasnt' gained as much weight as we would like. He dropped off the charts weight wise. So we now have to start supplementing with formula a few times a day and upping his solids. We will check back in a month and see if that has helped. Crossing my fingers that we won't have to do a complete formula transition (as that can hurt the budget!)

I thought I would also share some random photos from the past week or so:

Here's Max all dressed up for the Missionary Primary activity. Isn't such a cute missionary?

This one is Jared and the kids enjoying "Tear Down the House" aka Extreme Makover Home Edition

THese are just random pics I took outside the other day. I thought that they turned out cute:

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Suzanne said...

great pics! your children are adorable!

I hope Lucas begins to pick up weight again. I know how much of a budget buster formula can be! Kj was on formula for an entire 12months...1 big can every five days at 23, then 26 bucks a can! yeah, very expensive! on his first bday...he had his first bottle of whole milk and we haven't looked back!