Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Easter bunny is dead!

After Easter, I had some supplies left (ie jelly beans, eggs grass, etc)and I put them in the garage where they were out of site of little eyes. I had intended to move them elsewhere, but never got to moving the bag. With an attempt at a garage sale a couple weeks ago (unfortunately, due to wierd weather, we got hailed out!) bags in the garage were shifted. Joelle was in the garage, putting a bike or scooter away and found the bag full of items, she had thought came from the Easter Bunny. She came through the door, into the kitchen and loudly exclaime, "THE EASTER BUNNY ISN'T REAL!" I quickly tried to hush her, so as not to share this news with the other children in the family, and luckily I am pretty sure they were not close enough to hear (or atleast I hope so) and I explained that she needed to keep this to herself, to keep Easter fun for the other kids. Luckily, she is at an age where she was wondering anyways, so I think this was probably just a confirmation of what she already suspected. But funny, all the same!

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~Stappsters~ said...

Wow, this kinda ruins it for readers who still believe! jk