Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Of blog neglect, that is! We have had a busy past few weeks and I just haven't had a chance to post. We have had visitors the past 2 weekends, which of course means a lot of attempting to clean before they arrive (some how it just never gets to the point I want it too...maybe it is the 5 kids making messes while Jared and I clean). Nothing too exciting there, though just quick visits. We enjoyed a day with Marcia, Jared's sister, and also with my parents.

Soccer practices will be starting for both of my older kids this week, Joelle tonight and Liam on Friday afternoon. Jared is coaching Max's team this year, but his age does not have midweek practices, they practice for 1/3 hour before thier games on Saturdays. It will be fun to watch them all play this year. Both Liam and Joelle have advanced in age levels, so thier fields will be larger than the past 2 years.

School was supposed to start yesterday, but due to some delays, they will not be starting until the 5th (next friday). They are starting at a brand new school, and the construction was just not complete enough for the kids to safely start school. Max will also start preschool next week, on Wednesday. I am so excited for him!

As for me, I am anxiously awaiting the results of the Design Team call over at Creative Express. I have applied this year and though I know that so many talented ladies have applied, and that my chances of getting a call are miniscule, I am still holding out hope until I see a list that does not include my name.

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Stacy said...

Big Hugs to you!! I was cheering for you!! Your entries were fabulous!