Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bad Mommy days

You know you all have them too, and today is one of those for me. I look out my window at the gray skies and rain and hope to get a call that my children's soccer games are cancelled. Our 9AM game was already cancelled, but no word yet regarding our 11 and 12 o'clock games. I know it is purely selfish, I just don't want to sit in the rain. I want to sit here in my cozy house, with my fireplace blazing and a good book; a steamy cup of cocoa would top things of nicely. Soccer games...not really what I imagine when I think of rainy days. Now a sunny, bright day, without a cloud in the sky... that is what I imagine when I think soccer game. So I will sit here, waiting for the phone to ring...willing it to ring. And if it doesn't...I will throw on a raincoat, get everyone bundled up and head out for some really soggy soccer games.


ashjoy said...

Dont forget the ootf blog hop today. When you get dried off that is.....hope you at least had a winning game!

Happy Blopping!

Library Bunny said...

hope that the weather and games cooperate