Tuesday, October 31, 2006

THe joy of the terrible 2s

My DS Max is almost 2 1/2 and he is really hitting the terrible twos! He can be so frustrating to take anywhere. My mother sent the kids Halloween cards with $5 bills in each for the older 3 (baby really didn't need one), so I took them all to Wal Mart in order to spend thier new found wealth. First I went to Roberts Crafts in order to choose a gift for my mother's birthday. She has recently discovered the joy of scrapbooking, making choosing a gift for her much easier than in years past. Max couldn't decide whether he wanted to sit in the cart. When on the floor her wanted up in the cart, but the moment I put him in the cart he decided that he wanted to get down. So, after the adventure of Roberts was over we head to Wal Mart (which is, luckily, in the same shopping center). We get out of the car and he doesn;t want to co-operate and go inside teh store, but he also doesn't want to get back in the car. So we are in a deadlock, him crying outside the car, in the parking lot. Eventually I convince him that it is a good idea to go inside the store, only to struggle with him the minute we get inside the doors. He again decides that he wants to go no further...so he sits on the floor right inside the automatic doors, making people walk around him. It would be nice if I could just carry him around, but I have a 4 month old and Max is no light weight. So we eventually get beyond this only to struggle with all 3, they can't seem to understand that $5 won't buy the $20 toy that they really want. Eventually we get out the door, all actually having purchased items below their $5 limit, and I drive through Sonic to get an extra large Diet Dr Pepper to help alleviate the major headache this has induced!

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scrappy-emmy said...

My favorite part by far is when he sat down in the Walmart doors. Priceless! When something insane-o would happenon my mission we would say, "THAT was NOT in the 'Called to Serve' video!" We need a Mommy equivelent to explain our pre-children dreams of baking cookies for our kids in a spotless house.