Thursday, February 08, 2007

Fun week...

My week has been interesting. Since sunday evening I have felt like a cold was coming on; nothing big, just that feeling that one was coming. Monday morning I wake up to the lovely sound of my husband throwing up..such a pleasant sound. Just hearing someone throw up makes me feel nauseous, so the fact that I feel a little off doesn't worry me too much. My husband often gets nauseous when he is stressed, so I just figure he must be stressed and I will be fine. So, I go about my morning, running some errands with the youngest two kids (taking advantage of the 3 wonderful hours I have on M-W-F with only the younger 2 at home while Joelle is in school and Liam is at preschool). I am still not feeling wonderful, so I pick up some food and a soda while I am out, thinking I must just be hungry. (Obviously I have a problem with Denial here)

I head home after hitting a few shops and picking up some books for my daughters birthday present. (She asked for books, and who am I not to get them for her? I am a huge reader, so I will jump on any sign of interest.) I get home just in time for Liam to get home from preschool (I love carpool!!) and I relax a little before I make lunch for the kids. After I get them lunch, I get that rumbly feeling in my stomach, and I know that this is more than just the nausea I get when I hear someone who is sick, and I have eaten so hunger is off the table as well. I, who has somehow missed the last 3 or 4 stomach flues that have attacked our house in the last few months, have the flu.

It is the worst when Mom is sick! My kids have no clue why I can't help them get thier dress ups on and give them a bath in the middle of the day just because they want one. My 2 year old just doesn't understand that when he sits on Mommy's lap and wiggles around it makes Mommy's tummy hurt. And of course, when I am sick my patience level drops significantly!

So, I spend Monday night laying around, at times even unable to read. (Which takes a lot! I can read anywhere, anytime!) I was still not up to par on Tuesday morning (Joelle's birthday) and I am supposed to bring some sort of treat to school for Joelle's class. Luckily the school has a no homemade treat policy, so I didn't feel bad about picking up the store bought valentine cookies at the Weinegars bakery when I was finally feeling better after a shower at lunch time.

Now, of course the cold that was threatening on Sunday has decided to make itself known! Now I am planning my daughters birthday party, which is coming very quickly on saturday at lunch time, on the tail of a flu and with the beginning of a cold. Can I please stay healthy for a while after this week????


Emilie Ahern said...

Yuckity-yuck-YUCK! So sorry. Mommies never have time to be sick. I hope you get feeling like new again soon! Hang in there!

Todd and Amy said...

Oh, so sorry you were so sick! That's never fun!! Hope you're feeling all back to normal soon and your kiddos don't get it!