Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Aaaand I'm back to where I started.

So, over a year ago I decided to try my hand at review blogging, and honestly, it wasn't my cup of tea. I really do love sharing my honest thoughts and feelings about products, etc, but I decided I didn't like the pressure to blog every day. I am a busy mom to 5 children and their activities and my responsibilities just take so much time. I can't commit to daily blogging, but I do miss the outlet. I miss keeping track of my running, posting pictures of my children, and just shooting the breeze with the cyberworld. So here I am again, I will be blogging some. Not daily, probably not even every other day. I am thinking a couple days a week of running and family updates. I don't anticipate doing product reviews and giveaways, but I might share others I find online (and I guess, never say never, because someday I might decide to start that again). I just want a place where I can share my honest, random thoughts.

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The Stephens Family said...

Welcome Back! Can't wait to see the kiddos...