Friday, May 27, 2011

Can't think of a

This week has been a little crazy.

Monday I ran my first race of the year, the Buffalo Point Elementary 5K in 26:04. That is actually a PR for me, which made me quite happy, considering my training has been so incredibly patchy this year.

Tuesday: Actually a pretty quiet night. We had NO baseball games scheduled and the only thing on my schedule was a soccer meeting (oh yeah, I have taken over the position of Regional Coach Administrator for our local AYSO region, where my boys play and hubby and I have both coached..this is, of course a volunteer no pay, but actually pretty fun-when not crazy and a bit stressful.

Wednesday: Two baseball games (I only made it to one, hubby got to head to the other game), a dance meeting and a cancelled hill session (I was heading to some hills with a friend, but she had to postpone).

Thursday: One Baseball Game. Liam's first actual game of the season (due to crazy weather, each of his previously scheduled games were cancelled) and his first game pitching. He pitched one inning (they can't only pitch so many pitches in a game before they are forced to sit out several days so kids usually only pitch one inning). He was so awesome. I was very impressed and nervous watching him. In these games a lot depends on the pitcher (as this is the first year they have kids actually pitching their games). It was great to see him do so well. After baseball I headed with a friend to try some hill training, as Ragnar is getting super close. Well I did alright running uphill (it hurt, of course, but nothing more than expected) but the downhill REALLY aggravated my right knee (I have been battling tendonitis in this knee, and while it has been great lately, obviously it is not completely healed). I got a whole 1.1 miles in before I had to quit. I have decided that I am better off just skipping hills and keeping to flat for now. I may not be prepared for the hills in Ragnar, but I also won't start the race injured.

Friday: A nice slow day. The kids were on early out schedule and hubby took the older two boys to a church fathers and sons campout. So my daughter, my younger two boys and I joined my mom for a yummy dinner at Holy Smoke BBQ and came home to watch Princess Diaries up on my bed. The little guys fell asleep before the movie was half over, but we had fun!

Tomorrow morning, I plan to run 8 or 9 (depends on how I feel) to finish the week off on a good note running wise.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I have been bad about taking photos lately! I will try to be better ;)

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